Available again are copies of my XERIC Foundation grant winning SPUD Comics. A 44 page comics extravaganza in which you'll find three outrageous tales.

First meet Billy and Tommy. Two boys who get caught peeking at a lingerie catalog in church and must accept the horrible punishment from "The Awful Dolls of Sister Agness!"

Then a sacred mystery is laid bare in the turgid adventure of "Dominic Desanto!" When the ass-faced boy finds "god" on a torn page from a sleazy magazine he sets out on a bizarre quest that leads him to...his destiny!

Finally, the lives of two catholic high school girls are exposed in "Sherry & Terry!" In this, the first chapter of a continuing saga, the girls discuss salty escaades and racial slurs...with explosive results!
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One of the most impressive self-publishing debuts in the history of comics has to be SPUD #1 by Art Baxter, an artist I know absolutely nothing about, though it's quite obvious that this fellow has been around and knows his stuff. Paid for by by a grant from the wonderful Xeric Foundation, this "big premiere issue" lives up to its billing, what with its 44 pages and beautiful full-color cover. The artist is clearly inspired by Smokey Stover in the same way and for the same reasons that Kaz seems to be, and there's the strong aroma of an intense Catholic upbringing permeating everything. A must-have item!
- Peter Bagge, HATEComics #25
There've been a lot of comics about the Catholic experience, but none quite like SPUD. Art Baxter's Catholic kids drawn in a broad, cartoony style, roam through gritty, old city neighborhoods, haunted by religion and each other - and it's funny every time. I'm surprised to say this, but I found the first story "The Awful Dolls of Sister Agnes," to be the most affecting depiction of Catholic guilt since Justin Green's Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary, even though it's not the same sort of thing.
- Terry LaBan, CUD Comics #6
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