The Philly Comix Jam is a loose gathering of Philadelphia area cartoonists who get together in a bar once or twice a month to draw comics and kibitz. The group began late in 2007. I started to plan meetings early in 2008. I also created and maintain the website and blog.

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Several years ago, I was asked by James Sturm to write two study guides for his new orginization the National Association of Comic Art Educators. The NACAE was created by cartoonists and educators to assist teachers in the introduction and teaching of comics and graphic novels in grade school through college classrooms.

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Dailies & Sundays 1950 to 1952

by Charles M. Schulz
Introduction by Garrison Keillor
Biographical essay by David Michaelis
1992 Schulz interview by Rick Marschall and Gary Groth
Fantagraphics Books
2004 (HC)
343 pp.
ISBN: 1-56097-589-X (HC)
A Love and Rockets Book

by Jaime Hernandez
Edited by Gary Groth
Fantagraphics Books
2004 (HC)
704 pp.
ISBN: 1-56097-611-X (HC)
In 1995 I received a grant to publish my comic book, SPUD, from the XERIC Foundation. XERIC was created by Peter Laird, one of the co-creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics to provide money to cartoonists to self-publish their comics projects.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had originally been rejected by several publishers. Laird and his partner Kevin Eastman deceided to take a chance and publish the material themselves. The TMNT comic book was very popular and the property soon became hugely profitable as TV shows, movies and toys soon followed. Needless to say, the enormous success of the TMNT made Laird and Eastman extremely wealthy men. Laird founded the XERIC Foundation and Eastman went on to create Tundra Publishing .

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